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Hi I'm Luke Gordon physical therapistwith Gordon physical therapy and ifyou're watching this video it's probablybecause you've been referred to us foran FCE which is a functional capacityevaluation and probably have a fewquestions about what you're going to dohere so right now I'm the only physicaltherapist here with us that does FCE soyou'll be spending your time with me andif you know whoever scheduled youprobably told you that it's four hourstypically and what I see a lot of hereis that I get people you know I do abouttwo of these a week right now and peopleshow up and they don't really know whatthey're getting into I said well hey diddid so-and-so mention what we're goingto do or what's going to be required ofyou and for the most part people don'tknow and that can lead to some anxietyand some tension so I'm hoping with thisvideo that once you watch it will giveyou a better idea of what you're goingto do here and give you a better idea ofwho I am that I'm just you know regularperson who's you know spend some timewith you and help you get through thistestso basically FCU again functionalcapacity evaluation what they want toknow when they refer you to one of theseis what can you do physically what canyou tolerate in regards to worktypically now if you look at work anyjob on paper whether you were doingheavy construction or something moresedentary like receptionist work whatit'll look like on paper is they'llbreak down all the activities so they'llhave like how much sitting standingwalking lifting carrying repetitive useof the hands reaching forward in variouslevels how how often can you go up anddown stairs crawling kneeling bendingforward all these different things sothey just break the job down into thesedifferent tasks and then what we do withFC then is we go through we just testeach of those tasks and say well youknow this is mr. Roger here doing hisFCE and this is what he can tolerate andso that's why it takes so long the firstthing we do of course before we do anyof that as we go through history so Ican get a good idea of what your injurywas what kind of treatment you've hadyou know what kind of got you to thepoint where you're down the FCE becausethe average person who comes in forthese is at least a year if not three orfour out on their injury and you know alot of people haven't worked and youknow they don't really know what theycan do either so that's what we'retrying to do with an FCE again thattakes a while just because we got to gothrough all of those I got to see whatyou can lift from various levels I guesssee how much you can push and pull allthese different things I'm at the end ofthe day I put that together in a reportand it says again there's all theseactivities here's sit-standwalk lift...